CRDSA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2002as an effort to respond to the great need for rehabilitation, educational program in west region of Afghanistan (i.e. Herat). CRDSA has been active since then provide different types of humanitarian services, and has its main office in Herat and has three sub-offices in Zinda Jan district of Herat province and centre of Farah and Badghis provinces. CRDSA believes in offering services to the society in a transparent manner and have policies and rules to protect the rights of people working in this organization.

Therefore, we present this policy paper for a better management of the activities and to reach our goals efficiently and effectively and in light the realities of the CRDSA in terms of its HR affairs. This policy gives a direction to the organizational development and better management of HR and employees.


A developed Afghanistan where understanding and accountability for rights and freedoms recognized in the Afghan constitution and responsible Civil Society organizations actively contributing to national development; and a wide pool of educated and skilled people, well-developed socio-economic infrastructures, pro-active civil society and a good governance system; through providing all population with equal opportunities for active participation.


As a well-trusted organization, CRDSA contributes effectively and efficiently in Afghanistan development process through strengthening socio-economic status, improving sustainability of livelihoods by community building, delivery of basic social services, promotion of Human Rights, strengthening of social rights, creating learning opportunities for young generation, strengthening the civil society and elimination of gender disparity in all levels of society, with special focus on rural areas.


check2Mission driven goals
check2Quality Programs and excellence in employees system.
Employees experience lifelong employment.
Open access with responsive delivery
Positive culture with trust, respect, and open communication