Livestock is an integral part of Afghanistan's culture and rural livelihoods, with most village households keeping at least a few sheep or chickens. However, the number of these is declining. There is a need to enhance livestock productivity and strengthen relevant value chains in villages. Hereby CRDSA along with our donor FAO has been taken a project under work since the month of Feb by the name of “Anticipatory livelihood protection to minimize drought impacts and safeguard food security” and the key outputs are listed below:
Output 1: Livelihoods and food security of 1904 vulnerable marginal herding, landless, women-headed, and persons with disability households protected through provision of emergency livestock protection package assistance.
Output 2: Awareness of all the beneficiaries mentioned above on key protection messages and on COVID-19 and important livestock diseases safety measures to adopt in livelihood practices, during market participation, and in general appropriate preventive practices for minimizing transmission.
The project’s so far accomplishments are:
 Coordination and the division of ration for each CDCs in three districts.
 Survey the villages by using KOBO Collect application to find the eligible HHs.
 Holding the training about animal Husbandry and how to use the livestock package on the village level.
 Distribution of 200 Kg/Household to 954 HHs in the Kushk-e-Kohna district of Herat province.
 Distribution of 200 Kg/Household to 475 HHs in Pushtrod district of Farah province.
 Distribution of 200 Kg/Household to 475 HHs in Qala-e-Kah of Farah province.
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