Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA) with financial support of UNHCR has established 30 greenhouses (150 sqm each) for 90 returnees and IDPs who are working as self-help groups (30 groups of 3 persons) in Jabrael, Kahdistan and Shagofan townships.

Different offseason crops such as radish, spinach, coriander, strawberry that have high nutrition values have been planted inside these greenhouses. Based on the plan on optimal season, indeterminate cucumber that is the high value crop and has more demand in the market will be planted inside these greenhouses.

Establishment of greenhouses made the group members busy, made an income source for them as well as produce agricultural product and sell some in the market and use some for their families’ consumption. Greenhouses owners are very happy that some changes have been brought to their incomes and families’ food security.

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