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Our commitment to poor and marginalized Afghan families in hard-to-reach areas exist stronger than ever before and our support to vulnerable poor families in Badghis, Farah, and Ghor province continues with the financial support of our partner WFP and other international and UN agencies. We continue to provide livelihood assistance both in cash and in-kind to those whom we have already identified them as the poorest HHs in close coordination with our stakeholders and target communities in our areas of operations across western region provinces.

This week we distributed food packages to (2472) HHs in 3 villages of Injil district of Herat province namely as: Navin, Kamar Kalagh, and Emamshishnoor.
A number of 2472 households including 317 women-headed families received food rations/packages for one month. Each food package/ration consist of:
1.      Wheat 172.122 MT
2.      Cooking Oil 16.871 MT
3.      Pulses 23.175 MT
4.      Salt 1.236 MT
5.      Plumpdy 4.152 MT
We will continue to provide food assistance to our target population in Obe, Chesht-t-Sharif, and Pashtoon Zarghoon districts and also provide cash assistance to our people of concern in the Qala-In-Naw district of Badghis province and center of Farah province in the coming days.
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