We’re working day and night to make every individual live their life with relief. Right now people are facing hunger all over the world hence we’re focusing on the livelihood projects with the financial support of WFP. The details are as below:
 Under CRDSA CBT project in Badghis province funded by WFP 5636 most vulnerable Households who have no source of income have been verified to the program. So far, 5570 HHs have received cash and the amount is 6100 AFs /per month/ per HH.
 Under the CRDSA CBT project in Farah province, 15097 most vulnerable HHs have been verified and registered into the program. So far, 9935 HHs received cash and the amount is 4000 AFs / per month/per HH.
 Under the CRDSA SSUP-Food project in Herat funded by WFP. We distributed food rations to all 39702 targeted HHs in the month of Mar 2022.


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