Afghanistan is in one of the most severe humanitarian crises of its history. Poverty and food shortage has driven the country into the IPC3 and IPC4 food security classifications in which Badghis and Herat fall under the IPC 4 while Farah province falls under IPC 3. CRDSA as a committed humanitarian organization has stepped up forward to respond appropriately in order to play its human role in saving lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during this man-made crisis. As usual, we provide our humanitarian interventions to the people of concern by ensuring humanitarian principles are maintained throughout our operation areas.

We have just started to implement an emergency humanitarian project in 3 western provinces of Afghanistan (Herat, Badghis and Farah) for a duration of 6 months effective Jan – Jun 2022.
The project is funded by WFP, targets 60,435 poorest/most vulnerable families, and has 2 separate components including: 
1. Provision of Cash Assistances to 20,733 households in Badghis and Farah provinces
2. Provision of Food Assistances to 39,702 households in Herat province
The project is in its 1st phase of implementation and activities under accomplishments are:
- Community mobilization
- Coordination with stakeholders
- Beneficiaries’ verification
All the above activities are ongoing in close coordination and cooperation with the target communities in all 3 target provinces and our Beneficiary Selection Committees and the team has managed to identify 8,870 neediest households detailed as below:
i) Herat province:
a) Injil District - 3000 Households including 800 women-headed households
b) Karukh District -  1500 Households including 400 women-headed households
c) Chesht-e-Sharif District – 300 Households including 30 women-headed households
d) Obe District – 700 households including 181 women-headed households
ii) Badghis province:
a) Qala-e-Naw District – 1200 households including 388 women-headed households
iii) Farah province:
a) Farah City – 2170 households including 700 women-headed households
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