Within the frame work of Afghan Civic Engagement Program, that aims to promote and strengthening of the civil society organization partners, CRDSA covers 10 Civil Society Organizations 5 in Farah and 5 in Badghis provinces. During the last three months (Nov, December and January 2015), CRDSA conducted capacity building trainings to the target Civil Society Organizations covered under ACEP program in Badghis and Farah provinces.


Based on the need assessment result and the CSOs needs, the following trainings were conducted during this quarter in order to improve the capacity of the target CSOs staff; (Monitoring and Evaluation, Proposal Writing and Reporting and Advocacy Training). Each of the mentioned trainings was conducted for three days. In addition to the capacity building trainings, direct technical assistance have also been provided by CRDSA Organizational Development Officer to the target CSOs in Farah and Badghis that helps them to improve their administrative and organization system.

As per the Organization Development Plan, Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA) planned activities for Organizational Development and staff capacity building. In addition to this, and to assess the overall organization performance, CRDSA conducted organization culture assessment that identified the staff satisfaction rate and their suggestions for strengthening of Organizational Culture. After the organizational culture assessment, CRDSA management identified the gapes inside the organization and came up with productive planes and programs for Organization and staff development. Within the last three months, CRDSA conducted three orientation trainings in order to improve the staff capacity building. The orientation trainings subjected as follow; (Research methods, video and photography orientation and Do No Harm).

The organization staff acquired the knowledge of the mentioned trainings that help and enable them to utilize the acquired knowledge in the daily activities and relevant tasks accordingly. In another initiative activity to increase the awareness of the Afghan citizens regarding their civic  rights, citizenship rights and governmental responsibilities, CRDSA Civic Educators conducted 48 Civic Education sessions during this quarter in order to increase the people’s knowledge about the civic awareness and listen to their exist problems at the village and district level in Badghis and Farah provinces. Totally 598 men and 572 women attended the Civic Education Sessions. The participants are satisfied from the sessions and say that the civic education sessions pave the way for their civic awareness and are effective for problem sharing and advocacy.

In the last three months (Nov-December & January 2014) and to refer the citizens problems to the governmental authorities, CRDSA conducted provincial dialogue in Badghis province. It is worth to be mentioned that 100 participants from different categories such as; governmental departments, civil society organizations residents of Abkamari district and Qala e Naw city both men and women have participated. During this dialogue, the problems of Abkamari district and Qala e Naw urban areas that have been raised during the civic education sessions presented to the relevant governmental authorities in order to solve the mentioned problems as soon as possible.

CRDSA assessment shows that, the civic education sessions and district dialogue level are the most effective way for advocacy, transparency and accountability of government and NGOs for the citizens.