On October 24, 2017, CRDSA conducted a one-day Regional/Advocacy Action Planning Dialogue Session in Herat, with participation of 70 people (27 women and 43 men) including: government officials, representatives of provincial councils & CSOs of Herat, Nimrooz & Ghor , civil & women activists, CDCs, DDCs, youths and media. The session aimed to brief on ACEP program, the importance of role of CSOs in connecting nation with the government and providing an Advocacy Action Plan. Throughout the session, the participants discussed the issues pertaining to the importance of role of CSOs in advocacy process, role of media and CSOs on the implementation of the national budget and Advocacy action planning. As the result of the session, participants prioritized the most effecting challenges through the group works to be advocated in the years 2017 & 2018.


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