The Resilience Building of Afghan Returnees, IDPs, and Host Families in Afghanistan project which is co-financed by Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration(BPRM) is currently implemented by Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA) in three western provinces (Farah, Badghis and Ghor).

Providing income generation activities for 1200 returnees and IDPs through vocational training courses, increase the access to safe drinking water for 2650 IDP/returnees and hosting community families through drilling of safe drinking water wells in Farah and Ghor provinces and pipe scheme in Badghis province, increase the legal protection of 900 returnees/IDP families through consulting and advocacy process and enhance the capacity of the relevant governmental departments in Badghis and Ghor are the main activities of this project.

The project team along with the sectorial governmental department has selected 1200 beneficiaries who met the criteria (560 male and 640 female) for vocational trainings in the three targeted provinces. These beneficiaries are assigned to one of the following vocational training courses according to their interest and will be trained for duration of 6 months in order to acquire the required skills and knowledge. The followings are vocational training courses planned for this project; Tailoring, carpet weaving, Mohra dozi, electrician device repairing, mobile repairing, hand embroidery, small business, machine embroidery, Jacket weaving, auto mechanic, house electrician, and etc.

Dr Gul Ahmad Rashad the project manager of this project says that, the vocational training centers were officially inaugurated by the governmental stakeholders, Civil Society Organizations and Media soon after the trainers were hired. Currently the training courses are in progress in all three target provinces.

A ToT workshop has been conducted for the trainers for duration of two days to have better effectiveness of the trainings and facilitation. During the ToT, effective methods of teaching and the new methods of facilitation have been discussed. In another initiative activity, the beneficiaries of carpet weaving have been linked to the market in order to work according to the market demand designs.

As per the project plan, the beneficiaries will receive toolkit at the end of the training courses in order to start small business independently. During the last quarter, some of the carpet weaving trainers of Badghis were invited to Herat and physically visited the carpet weaving centers and the way they produce carpets. During this exposure visit, the carpet weavers shared each other’s experiences and thoughts.

To facilitate the literacy opportunity for the trainees of vocational trainings, CRDSA together with Education Department at the provincial level provided literacy books according to Education Department curriculums and distributed to both trainers and trainees. This will help the trainees to be literate during the course as well.

In order to facilitate the access of Badghis citizens to safe drinking water, the appropriate locations for drilling of water wells have been determined with close coordination of Rural Rehabilitation Department and department of water supply and soon the drilling of the water wells will be started. At the end it is worth to be mention that the project will last till 15th of September 2015